The Art and Science of Social Media

News 10:11 November 2019:

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This is the hard truth, social media now controls our way of life for more than a decade now. Billions of people from various races, from different age bracket, from all walks of life, are part of one or more social media sites. The account holders of each social media site is dramatically increasing day by day. With this, social media is undeniably the best place to advertise if you have a business to promote. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are some of the social media sites that are making waves today. People use these for different purposes. Some are just for plain socializing, some are for hard core business.

When it comes to promoting business, the main reason why people cling to social media is popularity. If you have a popular or prominent account, chances are, your following has a very high rate. Say in Twitter, if you are being followed by many, Twitter likes just come naturally. In Youtube, if you bear a popular account, your videos are being views second by second. If people want to check on your account, it’s a perfect privilege to advertise or promote your business.

I bet you already know that these social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram can also give you millions. If you don’t run a business, then you can make them your business! Yes, it’s true. How? Those who have businesses to promote can use your account to promote their products and services. All these are possible again, if you have a popular account.

See? It all boils down in having a popular account. How then can you make your account popular? What are the secrets of those social media influencers that advertisers flock into them and are begging to be showcased or promoted into their sites?

Spectacular Profile

Depending on what profile you want to portray, you must set-up your account accordingly. Remember that it is your window in the outside world. It is the first that the public will see. Remember too that all of the social media users are visual people. That is why, you have to make your profile spectacular! Something that will push them to look at your profile over and over again. And then eventually push them to tell other about you.

Dramatic Social Media Account

Why did I say dramatic? With the stiff competition in social media popularity, it pays to add drama to your account. Best if you have a background story why you created that account. Believe it or not some even make up stories just to add drama. But of course, being realistic is still the prime consideration. Never be over dramatic that the public will be swayed to give bad comments about you. Just tell the truth. If you’re having a hard time, start by answering these questions:

  • Why did you create that account?
  • To whom do you dedicate your account?
  • What is your advocacy?
  • Why do you like to be viewed?
  • Why do you like to connect with other people through social media?

Create a beautiful and dramatic article with your answers. Then watch how people will be swayed with your background story.

Consistent Posting with a Variety

Consistently sharing content is one, adding a variety is another? Say your primary account is Instagram. The primary goal in IG is to post beautiful, breathtaking photos. But just to add more excitement, you can post your written quotes too. You can also add a Snapchat on it. How about a preview of your video in Youtube? Do this so your followers will always have something to look forward too. They will be excited to check what new content, new style, new variety you introduced to your post.

Then of course, next to this is consistency. If your account is very new, you can post twice a day. Then as you progress, make it once a day. Make sure your followers won’t forget you. You need to let them feel that you are still there.

Do not also post randomly. Draw a plan on what you will post. From time to time, insert the trending ones but stay focused most of the time on your niche.

The Role of Social Media such as Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram in the Education System

Social media channels such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and many more can be used by anyone who is a technology literate. Each user can communicate and get in touch with their friends, relatives or even with a stranger.  These can be used also to get an update on the happenings around us. An update on the condition or status of the community, an environment or of some places in the world. Viewing of videos from YouTube gave the users ideas and know-how on something new to them. These social media are now so popular wherein many users are enjoying the outcome of them.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and any other social media tools are found to be a self-satisfying factor to every user as well as to a follower. But can these be of advantage also in the present education system?  As time passes by, technology keeps on growing up together with the growth of the societies.  Societies composed of communities surrounded by people in manydifferent phases of life. Phases concerning education include learning from teaching or the other way around which is from teaching to learning.  These two phases contribute so much in the condition of the education system. Learn by what teachers are teaching, teach things that you have learned. Impart knowledge, ideas, and concerns to others, things your mentors, teachers, and educators inculcated into your mind as a learner.

These phases, learning-teaching, and teaching-learning can now be equated to the blooming technology the world is experiencing.  During the old days, most of the time the teacher is the only one talking, writing on the board, and showing visual aids prepared and drawn by her or him during the class session. This was the way of communication the teacher has with the expectation that the knowledge being taught will be understood by the students easily. But with the birth ofFacebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and the rest of the social media channels, these phases had grown up to a higher degree. Through the use of social media, educators can do conversation with the learners in a very cooperative way. The two parties can interchange ideas in a participative way because of being on the new trend of technology. Learning and teaching phases became so easy.  Groups and accounts can be created through Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat where educators and learners can easily get in touch with. Video presentation through YouTube and viewing marvelous photos through Instagram also contribute to a better education system. Because of the latter, learners are more interested when there are other things that they can see in a very presentable manner. They prefer it that way rather than just looking at the drawing on the board.

Also through this networking, a group of students can get in touch with each other. They can do itanytime that they want for the preparation of their reports or simply in doing their grouped work. Advance learning can also progress through social media. YouTube can be one of those many streaming networks that can be used by learners for them to be prepared in a particular activity to be performed in the school. Just like for example the topic of the “Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics”. There is an animated video from YouTube stating these commandments that students can easily cope with. The video will surely let them aware of the proper use of computers and how to manage computer files properly. Students can also get a connection with those who have expertise on a certain topic through these social media. The same with the educators, there are more experts they can depend on for the empowerment of their lectures.

Extraction of data that could be very useful in the preparation of any paper works can be performed by exploring into social media. This exploration let the students gather more data as they needed and make a compilation of them. Compiled data, information, and facts can be used for future references in their assignments.

Through Facebook and Twitter, an institution can easily share news and agenda to the concerned students. This shows that access to any information is not only between the learners and the teachers.  But also between the school and the students. Misleading factors can be avoided for there could be online interaction between the students and the institution.